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  • ‘wasd’ or arrow keys to move.

'Twas night before Christmas
As a matter of course
Something sinister was stirring
A menacing force...

As resident sugarplum fairy, it is your job to climb the Christmas tree and put an end  to the source of the dark energy emanating from its top. 

Dodge and dismantle the bewitched soldiers of evil that guard your path and free Christmas angels from their ornamental cages. They will help you make haste of your mission, but be wary of their allegiances.

Good luck, and Merry Christmas.

  • Michael Clavell - Lead, Programming, Audio
  • Sam Finston - Art, Animation
  • Declan Behan - Audio, Background


Sugarplum Summit - Jam Version 14 MB
Sugarplum Summit v1.1 (PostJam) - 15 MB
Sugarpluim Summit v1.2 (PostJam) - 27 MB

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