Version 1.2

Sugarplum Summit has been updated to version 1.2! This update includes a whole slew of changes, including features, polish, and bug fixes.

Total PostJam hours: 14.5


  • -added warnings for Snowheads
  • -made all bullets larger
  • -increased speed of Player and Angels
  • -increased speed of all bullets
  • -added feedback when damaging enemies
  • -increased frequency of the Jetcracker's attacks
  • -slightly changed Boss formation
  • -added death animation for the Boss
  • -added various effects to the Boss
  • -added sound effects for most actions in the game
  • -added controls to main menu
  • -various changes to general polish
  • -fixed a slew of bugs


Sugarplum Summit v1.2 (PostJam) - Play in browser
Dec 27, 2017
Sugarpluim Summit v1.2 (PostJam) - 27 MB
Dec 27, 2017

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