*INCOMPATIBLE GENRES: VR and Your Living Room*

Welcome to the virtual world of VRn't, where the lines between the real and the fantastic are blurred, if only slightly. 

You control a humble gamer with a heart of gold and an expensive VR rig. Help him defeat ninjas in the digital dojo, and PLEASE mind the furniture.  

Made for Ludum Dare 41.

Main Programmer, Audio, and Lead: Michael Clavell
Assistant Programmer: Tyler Hernandez
Assistant Programmer: Sam Finston
Artist: Paul Avallone


VRn't Windows 23 MB


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I ´ve enjoyed playing this! lol 

Such a good idea! I had a lot of fun good job.

This game is hilarious!  Very clever combination of two incompatible genres!  Great art, great music, great game overall!