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A mysterious angel uprising is causing chaos in Heaven. God, preoccupied other matters, calls upon his long-time business partner, Lucifer. Equipped with the best weapons he can gather, Lucifer sets out to raise hell.

DIE-PARTISAN is a modern twin-stick, overhead shooter that takes place in a heaven-like world, where lucifer has been raised from hell to clear rogue angels from heaven. You play as lucifer, in a seemingly growing world of infinite enemies where some angels have gone haywire. Your job is to bust through the angel forces as quickly as possible, and rack up the highest score whilst staying alive. DIE-PARTISAN claims a similar goal from games like Pac-Man, Space-Invaders, etc: to eliminate the most enemies, and survive for the longest period of time. While there is no distinct “ending” to the game, the goal has remained throughout development to be a competitive score-based game.

Brickhop consists of four people. Source and documentation: https://github.com/MAClavell/DIE-PARTISAN/tree/master/GDAPSIIGame



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